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A survey of the subjects and formats: 

• standard works on Jewish history, culture and religion 
• publications on Jews in the Netherlands 
• publications on ceremonial art 
• publications on the life and work of Jewish artists (catalogues and monographs) 
• catalogues of international Jewish museums 
• catalogues of exhibitions in Holland and abroad on Jewish themes 
• belles lettres by Dutch Jewish writers 
• reference works 

• museum collection: photos and slides of objects, paintings, prints and drawings from the museum collection
• documentary photos: photos and slides of people, institutions, buildings, activities and events relevant to the museum's area of interest 
• historical photos: family photos and photo albums 

• liturgical music, traditional folk music, Yiddish music, classical music with a Jewish theme 
• interviews, oral history 

• Documentaries and films about Jewish religion, culture and history, mainly taped from television broadcasts (to Catalogue) 
• Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Collection: interviews with over 1,000 Dutch survivors can be viewed at the Jewish Historical Museum. Read more

The document collection contains personal documents and archives of Dutch companies and institutions (incomplete or small). Many of the documents relate to the persecution of Jews in the Second World War. 

This collection contains fiches of various Dutch Jewish weeklies (from 1865 to 1940): 
• Nieuw Israeliëtisch Weekblad and Centraal Blad voor Israëlieten (weeklies) 
• Ha'Ischa (Jewish women's magazine) 

Items from the Nieuw Israelietisch Weekblad can be accessed via the Jewish Press database. Each report or article is listed with a title, summary and date of publication. The first period of the project, 1865-1890, is now available.

Current magazines 
• Dutch Jewish magazines (Jewish communities, institutions and associations) 
• leading international Jewish magazines 
Relevant articles from current magazines are also available separately. 

Press cuttings archive 
Items are collected from national and regional newspapers and weeklies relating to the Dutch Jewish world.