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JHM Children's Museum

Learn about Jewish Tradition as you play!

In the JHM children's museum children from ages 6 to 12 can learn about Jewish life and Jewish traditions in a playful way. The children's museum is situated in the Jewish Historical Museum and features three floors that have been furnished as the home of a Jewish Family, the Hollanders. Mum, Dad and the three children each experience being Jewish in their own way.
Max the Matzo is your guide in the house. He tells jokes, has a lot of wisdom and makes the visit into a real party. In the living room you meet the Hollander family, in the music room you can play instruments and in the kitchen you learn more about kosher food and you can bake your own challah (woven bread). And there are many more rooms! Visit our virtual children's museum with video's, games and more!

Practical information

Visit JHM Children's Museum
Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1, 1011 PL
Amsterdam (Google Maps)

Opening hours
Open daily 11:00 - 17:00

Ages 6 to 12: 3,00 (under 6: free)

Children's Museum EducationSchool Visits

We have eight program's for primary education in which students are introduced to Jewish life, discover Jewish history and experience Jewish tradition. A visit to the children's museum can be combined with a visit to the Portuguese Synagogue or the Hollandsche Schouwburg (National Holocaust Memorial). Learn more about our program's for primary education.
Max de Matzo

Birthday parties

Is it almost your birthday? Surprise your friends with a party in the JHM children's museum! In this playfully furnished house you can do a lot of things such as make music in the music room or bake challes in the kitchen. Of course there will be a present for the birthday boy or girl and cake and lemonade for all. Learn more about our children's parties!

Activities for Children Children's Museum Challah

Every day in the Children's Museum: bake challah
Did you know that you can bake your own challah (woven bread) in the children's museum every day? During Passover we bake Matzos!

This is a place which is designed to make visitors feel at home, whatever their background. A place to have fun, to discover more about yourself and about others. Visit the virtual JHM Children's Museum.

More information and contact

Would you like to find out more about visiting the JHM Children's Museum?
Just contact the department Sales & Events:  (020) 5 310 380 or send them an e-mail:
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