Welcome to the Jewish Cultural Quarter (official website)

In the heart of Amsterdam you will find a number of impressive Jewish monuments within less than one square kilometre. A short walk through the old Jewish quarter will take you to a leading cultural institution the Jewish Historical Museum, with its fascinating Children's Museum, the imposing Portuguese Synagogue, and the Hollandsche Schouwburg (Dutch Theatre), a moving historic monument.

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Jewish Historical Museum

The Jewish Historical Museum (JHM) is a modern museum of Jewish heritage housed in four monumental synagogues near Waterlooplein, in the heart of the Jewish quarter. Three permanent exhibitions present the history and culture of the Jewish people in the Netherlands. With paintings, drawings, artifacts, photographs, films, and modern 3D displays, the museum offers a genuine multimedia experience for both young and old. In addition to the three permanent exhibitions, the JHM always offers one or two temporary attractions, as well as its Children's Museum.
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JHM Children's Museum

The JHM Children's Museum is the home of the Jewish Hollander family, who will warmly welcome you into their home. The Hollanders are all enthusiastic about the Jewish tradition, and they each approach it in their own way: some seriously and some with humour. And you'll find all sorts of fun things to do there: braiding bread in the kitchen, learning Hebrew in the study, or making music together in the music room. A friend of the family, Max the Matzo, shows the way and turns every visit into a party!
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Portuguese Synagogue

Directly opposite the Jewish Historical Museum in the colossol concealed rectangular form of the magnificent Portuguese Synagogue, erected in 1675. In seventeenth-century Amsterdam, synagogues did not have to be entirely hidden, but the entrance was not supposed to attract attention. There are therefore several annexes around the enormous house of prayer to hide the doors from view. The synagogue remains a somewhat mysterious building for many visitors. Once inside, they are rewarded with the stunning beauty of a synagogue that is still in use, with a fully intact seventeenth-century interior.
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Hollandsche Schouwburg

The Hollandsche Schouwburg (Dutch Theatre) is also within a stone's throw of the museum. During the Second World War, Jews were rounded up into this building before being deported to concentration camps. Thousands of people were held there, awaiting an unknown fate - some for several hours, other for weeks. In honor of their memory, a monument and memorial room have now been installed in the theatre. A permanent exhibition on the first floor describes the persecution of the Jews between 1940 and 1945.
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