Hanukkiah, Pieter Robol II, silver, Amsterdam, 1753. Loan NIHS, Amsterdam.Opportunities for sponsoring and collaborating with the Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam

The only museum to present a full survey of Jewish culture, history and religion in the Netherlands is Amsterdam's Jewish Historical Museum. Its motto is Seeing leads to remembering, and remembering leads to doing. The museum's task is to preserve, manage and present Jewish cultural heritage for as wide a public as possible.

To meet the challenge of imbuing this historical heritage with fresh meaning for a contemporary audience, the museum is continually developing new activities. Numerous projects, exhibitions, events and plans are constantly being developed to reach as wide as possible a public, Jewish and non-Jewish, Dutch and international. The highly successful children's museum, for example, is seen by every Dutch schoolchild.

In April 2004 the Raad voor Cultuur (cultural council) concluded in its recommendations for the 2005-2008 cultural budget: 'The Jewish Historical Museum carries out its museum tasks at a high level and serves as an example to other cultural historical museums.'

While the Jewish Historical Museum is a government subsidised museum, the government only provides enough funding for the museum to carry out its basic tasks: keeping the building open and paying the salaries. Every activity, including all the exhibitions, has to be financed from other sources. The biggest project currently under way is the renovation and refurbishment of the permanent display.

We are always ready to welcome new sponsors, whether for one-off events or for a longer term commitment to a museum programme. And we are more than happy to discuss options for sponsoring particular projects especially appropriate to your organisation or company's identity.

We offer a wide range of reciprocal options that can be agreed in consultation.
For example:
- an exclusive reception or kosher dinner at the museum
- free admission to the museum for your guests
- guided tours by members of the museum staff
- reductions on museum products
- your name and logo on museum publications
- special museum excursions to Jewish cultural heritage events in the Netherlands as well as PAN and TEFAF art fairs
- a table at the museum's annual sponsorship dinner

For more information about sponsorship contact the Jewish Historical Museum:
T: +31 (020) 5310310
E e-mail