Restoration | Collection

Tsedekah busje (geldbusje)Ets Haim's collections were recently completely restored. However, books will continue to be damaged and so every year a number of works will need repairs or restoration. Therefore we urge companies, foundations and members of the public to support Ets Haim by donating money or entering into sponsorship agreements with us.

Gift certificates
During the years a number of books from the library collections were lost; we want very much to replace them. Like any other active library, Ets Haim wants to enlarge its core-collections and its reference department.

You can support Ets Haim by ordering a Gift certificate of a minimum of € 25,00. The certificate can bear your name, the name of the recipient and a commemorative text.

We welcome your donations on: (ABN AMRO). Joods Historisch Museum, mentioning 'Ets Haim'.

Personal bonds
Ets Haim offers the possibility to have your donation legally registered over a minimum five year period by a sollicitor. There are no minimum or maximum donations involved.

Wills and Testaments
Donations to Ets Haim through wills and testaments are subject to a special 0%duty rate.