Treasure chambers

Collections revealed

Treasure chambersThe need to restore the foundations of the synagogue annexes is also an opportunity to improve the conditions for storing the cultural heritage. Deepening the cellars will create space for repositories and public facilities. Special climate-controlled spaces will accommodate the valuables of the Portuguese Synagogue. In the future, the concealed treasures of the Portuguese Synagogue will be on public display here.

Over the course of more than four centuries, the Portuguese-Jewish community has produced dazzling ritual objects made of gold, silver, copper, and valuable textiles. The collection of approximately 800 ritual objects is so unique that it has been designated as a protected collection and is covered by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act in its entirety.

After the restoration visitors to the Esnoga will have access to an introduction area via a courtyard entrance. A film about the community's history and heritage will be screened here. Surrounding this area, visitors may roam the treasure chambers to admire the valuable silver, antiques, textiles, and rare books and manuscripts. Many ritual objects continue to be used on Jewish holidays and days of fasting according to a regular schedule. The Esnoga's treasure chambers will not turn into museum display cases but will serve as repositories in active use, in which visitors will see the contents change over the course of the Jewish year. The repositories will be designed as transparent treasure chambers accessible to the public.