The Bible

Jewish life revolves around the Torah, which comprises the first five books of the Bible and constitutes the roots of Jewish identity. The Hebrew Bible may be regarded as Judaism's most significant contribution to world literature. In addition to being of fundamental importance to the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), this book has been a continuous source of inspiration to writers and artists throughout the ages.

The Hebrew Bible comes in many different editions and has been the subject of commentaries for centuries for the purpose of discovering new aspects of the texts. Ets Haim's old, original collection includes several editions of the Bible and commentaries about them, some by non-Jews.

In the 17th century many superior Hebrew Bibles were printed in Amsterdam. One of the reasons was the minimal censorship there compared to other places with Jewish centres at the time. From the 17th until the early 18th century, Amsterdam was an important and pioneering centre for production of Hebrew books.