Ets Haim Certificate

Voorbeeld van het CertificaatWould you like to support Ets Haim? You can order a gift-certificate of € 25,-. This certificate can be signed with your name or, if you like, signed with the name of a family member, or a friend together with a small commemorative text.

The certificate was especially designed for the Ets Haim library and can be signed with your name. But you can also choose to send the certificate with a small dedication to an addressee for a special occasion.

How to order a certificate?
You can sent an email and order your certificate. In your email you can write the text (up to a maximum of 12 words) you would like to appear on the certificate and give the address to which to certificate should be send.

We welcome your donations on: (ABN AMRO). Joods Historisch Museum, mentioning 'Ets Haim'.