Frequently asked questions about attending a service

What kind of synagogue is this? 

The synagogue belongs to an orthodox community, men and women sit separately. The prayers are in Hebrew, occasionally in Portuguese.

Why is it called the Portuguese Synagogue? 

Forebears of our members escaped the inquisition in Spain and Portugal, rather than making the choice between forced conversion to Christianity and death. In the Amsterdam of the seventeenth century, Jews were allowed to live as Jews, which was very exceptional at that time.

Do I have to reserve a seat? 

When it was inaugurated, the Portuguese Synagogue was the biggest in the world. Now some synagogues in other parts of the world are much bigger, but still, we have enough seats available - you don't have to reserve a seat.

Is there a security check at the entrance? 

Yes, there is. And if our security people know that you are expected, they need less time checking you. So kindly register by clicking here, and if you are allowed to carry on these days (some religious Jews don't carry anything on the Shabbat and on certain Holidays), kindly take your passport along for identification.

Are there any rules that apply? 

The rules are as follows:

What is the address of the Portuguese Synagogue? 

Mr. Visserplein 3
1011 RD Amsterdam
T 31 (0)20 6 245 351 

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Is there an Eruv in Amsterdam? 

Yes, there is an Eruv area which was constructed and is maintained by the Ashkenazic community of Amsterdam. Our Rabbi, Chacham dr. P. Toledano, recommends to Sepharadic Jews not to rely on this Eruv, because some Sepharadic customs related to building an Eruv are different from the Ashkenazic views.

Eruv Amsterdam on Google maps

How can I pay for tzedekah?

We appreciate your tzedekah (gift) enormously, and after we acknowledge receipt, it may be tax-deductible in your home country. If you would like to transfer a gift to our account, these are the details:

Account owner: Portugees-Israëlietische Gemeente

USA (dollar):
Account number: 020069294
IBAN: NL23INGB0020069294


The Netherlands:
Account number: 697322777
IBAN: NL14INGB0697322777