Joint Projects

Plantage Amsterdam
The Portuguese Synagogue is one of fifteen cultural organisations in Amsterdam's Plantage district involved in Plantage by the Water, a project designed to raise the cultural profile of the eastern section of the city centre and to attract more cultural tourism. Read on

Amsterdam Museum Night
Amsterdam's first Museum Night was held in 2000. The idea originated in Berlin, where the Long Night of Museums had already been an annual event for ten years. In 2003 a separate organisation was created in the form of the Museumnacht Amsterdam (N8) Foundation. Besides Museum Night, the foundation is also involved in numerous collective projects to promote Amsterdam's museums, including Nachtsalon (Night Salon) and MuseumMail. Read on

Jewish Cultural Quarter

Map of the Jewish Cultural Quarter, including the Portuguese Synagogue, the Jewish Historical Museum, the JHM Children's Museum and the Hollandsche SchouwburgWandering around in the Jewish Cultural Quarter gives you a view of centuries of Jewish life in Amsterdam. Visiting the museums, historical sites and monuments gives you a deeper insight in Jewish history, religion and culture. The Jewish Historical Museum consists of four synagogues, the oldest dating back to the seventeenth century and houses a rich collection. It shows the history and culture of Jews in the Netherlands. The museum is unique throughout the world and its content have received great praise.

The JHM Children's Museum is housed in one of the four synagogues. It has three levels and is designed as the home of a Jewish family, the Hollanders. The JHM also manages the Hollandsche Schouwburg, a monument that pays tribute to the 104.000 Jews who were deported from the Netherlands.

Opposite the JHM you will find the Portuguese Synagogue, an awe-inspiring testimony of the vibrant and rich Jewish culture in Amsterdam in the seventeenth century.