Concert at the Portuguese Synagogue  Thursday 28 November 2013 19.30

Music of Dick Kattenburg

Concerts at the Portuguese Synagogue are held almost every month. You can enjoy a wide range of musical styles while the synagogue is being lit by hundreds of burning candles. A word of advice: there's no heating system in the synagogue, so it can be quite cold! The concerts take about an hour.

Reserving a seat is not possible. You can buy a ticket between 7:00 and 7:30 before the concert starts, at the ticket desk of the Portuguese Synagogue.

Chamber Music of Dick Kattenburg and others, for flute and piano


Dick Kattenburg - Sonata for flute and piano
Rosy Wertheim - Trois morceaux for flute and piano
Dick Kattenburg - Tempo di blues for piano
Leo Smit - Sonata for flute and piano
George Gershwin - Three Preludes for piano
Dick Kattenburg - Pièce for flute en piano
Jeff Hamburg - Hanukkah Suite

Until 2004 only one composition of Jewish composer Dick Kattenburg was known. That year a relative found a box full of Dick's long lost scores. These showed that the young composer, only 25 years old when he was killed in Auschwitz, was only beginning to build a versatile body of work, influenced by contemporary French music as well as by jazz, but towards his later compositions also shimmering with a confident originality.

Thanks to the Leo Smit Foundation the work of Kattenburg, as well as the work of many other Jewish composers that were deported and killed during the World War II, is rescued from oblivion. In 2009 Future Classics released a CD with Kattenburg's chamber music. Two of the musicians involved, Eleonore Pameijer and Marcel Worms, will play a selection of these compositions, supplemented by music of two of Kattenburg's contemporaries and fellow victims: Leo Smit (1900-1943) and Rosy Wertheim (1888-1949).

To conclude on a lighter note, Marcel Worms will play three of George Gershwin's preludes, to underscore the influence that jazz and Gershwin had on Kattenburg. And because it's Hanukkah, Worms and Pameijer will also play a Hanukkah Suite by Jeff Hamburg (b. 1956).

This concert will take place some days after the annual memorial of the Hollandia-Kattenburg razzia.

On November 11, 1942 at this textile workshop 367 Jewish employees were arrested and deported, of whom only 8 survived. Dick Kattenburg's father was the former director of Hollandia-Kattenburg. The memorial will take place on November 11 at 16:00 at IJplein, on the North side of the IJ.

When: November 28. Doors open at 7:00 PM, concert starts at 7:30 PM sharp.
Tickets:  € 13,50
Ticket Sale: At the Portuguese Synagogue between 7:00 and 7:30 before the concert starts. Or during opening hours at the ticket desks of the Jewish Historical Museum and the Portuguese Synagogue. Or buy your e-ticket online.
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