Walk-in tours Ets Haim  Monday 8 July 2013 10.30

Individuals and small groups can sign up for our walk-in tours.

 DSC8476aNote: The walk-in tours Ets Haim are in Dutch only.

The guided tour of Ets Haim includes a brief talk about the first Sephardic Jews in Amsterdam, with an emphasis on the educational system and Ets Haim's role in it, as well as a detailed account of the library's history. This is followed by a presentation of a few highlights from the collection.

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Start: 10:30 (gather at the entrance of the Portuguese Synagogue, before 10.25 am)

Costs: € 7,50 per person (This not does include admission to the Jewish Cultural Quarter).

Reservations: Reservations forthe walk-in tour is required. Phone (020) 5 310 380 or e-mail Service & Sales

The walk-in tours will take place on 10 June, 8 July, 26 August , 16 September, 7 October, 11November, 9 December (all 2013).