Evening Opening by Candlelight  Monday 30 December 2013 17.00

Unique opportunity to visit the Portuguese Synagogue in the evening

Portuguese Synagogue by candlelightVisitors of the Jewish Cultural Quarter can only visit the Portuguese Synagogue by candlelight during special events. The sea of lights is always a popular attraction during the annual Museum Night, for example. This year during Amsterdam Light Festival the public gets two chances to visit the synagogue while the hundreds of candles are lit.

On Monday December 23 and Monday December 30 from 17.00 until 20.00 the doors are open. The free audio tour explains lots of interesting aspects about this building and its annexes. Of course the Treasure Chambers are also opened during these hours.

The special tickets for this Evening Opening cost €6,00.

Click here for more on the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Where: Portuguese Synagogue
Dates: December 23 and 30
Time: 17.00 until 20.00
Price: €6,00Amsterdam Light Festival