Children's Memorial

Children's Memorial 2010 in the Hollandsche Schouwburg. Photo: Michael JacobsEvery year there is a special gathering of schoolchildren in the Hollandsche Schouwburg. Elementary schoolchildren, who have prepared for the occasion with lessons at school and a visit to the monument, talk about what the Hollandsche Schouwburg means today, about the purpose of remembrance and how important it is to remember the persecution of the Jews during World War II in today's multi-ethnic society. Sometimes this Children's memorial coincides with the remembrance ceremony of the the so-called February Strike, which is held each year on 25 February near the statue of the Dockworker in Amsterdam.

In 2007 children organized for the first time their own ceremony. Not only did they prepare poems, speeches and prayers for this memorial gathering, they also prepared a small theatrical play which they performed on the former stage and they all brought small stones to be laid next to the wall of names in the Hollandsche Schouwburg