Deportation centre

De buitenplaats achter de Hollandsche Schouwburg, 1942 (foto L. Nobelen-Riezouw). The story of the Hollandsche Schouwburg as a deportation centre is both unique and typical of the anti-Jewish Nazi policy in the Netherlands and Europe as a whole. The individual memories that thousands of victims have about their captivity in the theatre, the cynicism of transforming a place of entertainment into a scene of calamity, the rescue operations both from the theatre and the nursery, all these and other factors have given the Hollandsche Schouwburg its unique place in the story of the persecution of Dutch Jews. But besides this theatre in Amsterdam, there were other locations in the Netherlands and in Europe, which the Nazis turned into centres where Jews were imprisoned before being deported. Thus the Hollandsche Schouwburg serves as a typical example of anti-Jewish policy.