A name and a place for everyone

The 'ikPod' in an upgraded commemoration room

The Hollandsche Schouwburg is making plans for an overhaul. When the renovation is complete, there will be a special commemoration room where visitors will be able to personally commemorate each individual Jewish victim. The first step towards creating this room and filling it with memories of the Dutch Jews who were so brutally murdered in the Second World War has now been taken. The family names on the name wall in the Hollandsche Schouwburg have been integrated with the data from the Digital Monument!

IkpodThe Digital Monument and the present name wall in the Hollandsche Schouwburg are two of the elements of the new commemoration room. This name wall symbolizes the memories of over 104,000 Jews who were murdered by the Nazis. The impressive wall of names is and will remain a monument to our memories of them, as it has been since it was first displayed in 1993. In the Digital Monument to the Jewish Community, as much information as possible is collected about the life and death of each of the Jewish victims of the Nazis. More information is added every day.

The integration of the two elements at the Hollandsche Schouwburg is being achieved with the use of an ikPod (a device combining the capabilities of an i-pod with an RFID reader) with which visitors can read the wall of names: clicking on a name retrieves all the available information about that person, making it possible to commemorate the individual behind the bare facts. Visitors can also add their memories of the victims on the spot, on the special website of the Digital Monument, so that other visitors will be able to read them.

Design: KNOL designers
Software: Driebit

More information on the website of KNOL.

More in-depth information about each individual will be added to this commemoration room in the future. The room's interior is also being renovated. After these modifications have been made, it will be possible to integrate the many memories of the victims, which survivors have preserved in a large collection of testimonies and experiences, as well as those of their family and friends, as the third element of the new commemoration room.