Secondary School

Children's Museum Tour
A guide shows the pupils around the Children's Museum explaining each of the rooms. In the kitchen pupils can bake their own challah (optional). More information

Religion and History Tour
- In the Great Synagogue pupils learn about different aspects of Jewish religion. The guide discusses the Torah, the order of the synagogue service and the various Jewish festivals.
- The history of the Jews in the Netherlands from 1600 to 1900 is the subject of the presentation in the Great Synagogue galleries. Where did the Jewish migrants come from and why did they settle in the Netherlands? Pupils learn about a different culture within Dutch society, and discover similarities and parallels.
- In the New Synagogue galleries the history of the Jews in the Netherlands continues into the 20th century with a multimedia presentation. In addition to displaying history, the Jewish Historical Museum also tries to show how this relates to contemporary developments and themes, and to the sense of identity. Pupils learn to place events in their historical context.

Portuguese Synagogue Tour
Opposite the Jewish Historical Museum stands the Portuguese Synagogue. This immense building, completed in 1675, is almost entirely in its original state and remains a functioning synagogue. The tour focuses on the history of the Portuguese Jews in Amsterdam and on religious aspects of Jewish life.

Walk through the Jewish Quarter
A short walk designed specially for secondary school groups takes in the highlights of Jewish Amsterdam. The walk starts at the Jewish Historical Museum, the former Ashkenazi synagogue complex, and continues past the Dockworker stature, the Auschwitz monument and Hollandsche Schouwburg. It is also possible to visit the Hollandsche Schouwburg separately.

Local Programmes
A synagogue built in 1675 and still in use. A theatre where Jews were forced to assemble for deportation during the Second World War, now a deeply moving monument. A statue commemorating the strike of February 1943. These and other historic locations are all within walking distance of the museum. The Education department has special programmes for these too. Local Programmes  

Private Visits
Groups wishing to make a private visit to the Great Synagogue, Portuguese Synagogue or Hollandsche Schouwburg should notify the museum's public contact department.

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