In the Picture!  15 June 2011

3x photography at the JHM

Photography lovers have a great year ahead of them at the JHM. With three different special exhibitions, the museum will continue its rich tradition of photography shows, which began in 1983 with a high-profile display of the work of Roman Vishniac. A range of Jewish photographers followed, from the Netherlands and around the world, including Robert Capa, Erwin Blumenfeld, and Sem Presser.

Since the early twentieth century, many Jews have been active in the world of photography. The early years of photography were also a time of new civil liberties for Jews, who saw many opportunities for artistic and economic development in this unexplored field. In these three photo exhibits, the JHM will reveal new aspects of the past and present of Jewish photography.

3 x photography:

Unguarded Moments. Photographs by Marianne Breslauer
Saul Leiter: New York Reflections
My Name is Cohen

In connection with In the Picture! 3x Photography at the JHM, the museum is holding a photography competition with the theme of 'portraits on the street'.