Sam Drukker - Minyen  21 March until 22 June 2014

drukkerfotoFor the installation Minyen, as a tribute to Jewish tradition and 'surviving', Sam Drukker portrayed ten Jewish men who consciously experienced the Second World War. The work reveals a post-war generation left with picking up the threads of broken lives and passing these on to the next generation. Sam Drukker counts himself among this next generation and - in search of his own identity - created this very personal work.

The title of the installation refers to a certain prayers a minyan (Hebrew, minyen in Yiddish) is required: a minimum of ten Jewish men who have made their Bar Mitsvah. The concept of minyan is derived from the Torah, in which the number 'ten' in relation to people is considered a 'community'. It's important to share in someone's grief as a 'community'. This is the reason why Sam Drukker portrayed ten jewish men for this installation. 



Portraits originating from the installation