JHM Children's Museum

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, come in and make yourself at home at the JHM Children's Museum!

The JHM Kindermuseum Children's Museum is housed in the Obbene Shul, where the Jewish Hollander family lives in an inviting and playfully decorated house. The father, mother and three children each have different impressions of what it is to be Jewish. Visitors to the Hollander home can experience for themselves what is important in the Jewish tradition. What do and don't the Hollanders eat? Who is asking so many questions, and why? And why is it sometimes more important to make noise than to be quiet? Max the Matzo is your guide to this three-storey house. In each room, he takes visitors by the hand and gives them the information they need. Max is full of jokes and wisdom, and he makes every visit lots of fun.