House with a story  26 April until 30 May 2013

Exhibition in the Tugelahuis

huismeteenverhaalThe Tugelahuis will host a small exhibition of panels made by schoolchildren as part of the educational project House with a story.

House with a story
In every neighbourhood, houses have stories. Stories about the people who used to live there, their way of life and their experiences. Stories for the people who live there today, so that we can better understand our neighbourhood and its past. The houses on Tugelaweg and other homes in the Transvaal district have stories like these. Stories about the neighbourhood's Jewish history.

Educational project
Renovation and construction work on Tugelaweg gave Ymere the idea of organizing an educational project in cooperation with the Jewish Cultural Quarter to introduce local children to the history of their neighbourhood. In a series of six lessons, students in years 7 and 8 at the primary schools De Kraal and De Kraanvogel went in search of stories about the Jewish history of the Tugelaweg housing blocks and the Transvaal district. The students consulted the Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands, took a guided walk in the neighbourhood, spoke to an elderly resident, took photographs of the neighbourhood, and visited the Jewish Historical Museum and Hollandsche Schouwburg. Then they put together special books based on their lessons, discoveries, and activities. Those books are now on display in the exhibition Tugelahuis: A House with a Story.

26 April until 30 may 2013

Tugelaweg 59A, Amsterdam-Oost

Opening hours:

Monday untill thursday from 9.00 to16.00.