Exceptional Verveer painting on display  13 March until 7 April 2013

Temporary loan from the Rademakers collection

The JHM has an exceptional temporary loan on display, as a foretaste of its major Verveer exhibition planned for 2015. The painting, Ferry on the IJ with Amsterdam in the distance, was made in 1846 by the Romantic painter Salomon Verveer. It is now on show in the Netherlands for the first time.

Salomon Verveer. Cop. collectie Rademakers For the past 167 years, the painting has been in the possession of an aristocratic family in another country. It has been on public display just once before, in the Louvre in Paris in 1846. It was recently added to Jef Rademakers's collection of Dutch Romantic art and is on display in the Great Synagogue at the JHM from 13 March to 7 April.

Ferry on the IJ with Amsterdam in the distance is one of the few paintings by S.L. Verveer on such a large panel (86 x 112 cm). It forms an impressive example of his consummate skill as a painter.

Salomon Leonardus Verveer (1813-1876) was among the leading painters of the Dutch Romantic period and the best known Dutch Jewish painter in this movement. He exhibited his work in the Netherlands and internationally and received various prizes and honours.

By 1835, Verveer had already won the appreciation, admiration, and respect of his contemporaries and fellow painters. In the late 1830s, he shared a studio in the Binnenhof with two other painters, and as early as 1826 he was allowed, as a Jew, to attend classes at the drawing academy in The Hague. He painted mainly views of cities, villages, harbours, dunes, seas, and rivers. Verveer's oeuvre includes scenes of several Jewish neighbourhoods.

This year, 2013, is the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of this unique Jewish painter from The Hague.