Beastly beauty  29 March until 1 September 2013

Animals in art

The Jewish Historical Museum has more than three hundred objects in its collection that depict animals. But how are these animals linked to the world of Judaism? Come and find out this spring at the Jewish Historical Museum.

The rise of the zoo Mantelbaviaan350
In the late nineteenth century, artists became newly interested in animals, partly because of the growing popularity of zoological parks and natural history museums. Since ancient times, animals had been used in visual art for decorative and symbolic purposes. In the Jewish tradition, for instance, animal decorations appeared on ceremonial objects. Animals were also shown on bookplates, paper labels pasted into books to identify the owner and prevent theft. The image on a bookplate was often intimately connected with the owner: a case in point is Sam de Wolff's bookplate, decorated with a wolf.

Artists in the animal kingdom
The leading Jewish artists in the Netherlands in the first half of the twentieth century were Joseph Mendes de Costa, Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita, and Jaap Kaas. During that time, they had a profound influence on Amsterdam's visual art scene, and the animal world played a central role in their work. The work of these artists and others - such as Joseph Teixeira de Mattos, David Bueno de Mesquita, Eli Smalhout, and Meijer Bleekrode - will be on display in the Jewish Historical Museum's Print Room from 29 March to 1 September 2013.

Animal expedition for children
For children (7-10), there is a 'treasure hunt' available at the information desk. Children work their way through all the animals that have been released in the Print Room. They discover why the lion is in the museum search for all animals couples!

Combi-ticket Beastly beauty

Do you want to see the real animals from this exhibition? You can! You can purchase a combi-ticket which gives you entrance to Artis, Royal Amsterdam Zoo. The ticket for Artis can be used once and is valid until September 1st 2013.

€ 15,95 for children 3 - 9 years of age
€ 25,00 for anyone 10 years or older.