Where Mokum is Home  25 June 2000 until 2 October 2005

Children’s Museum

sleeping roomThe exhibition Where Mokum is Home has been designed to introduce children from assorted cultural backgrounds to the vibrant Jewish culture. Children receive an impression of the diversity of Jewish culture and will notice that alongside the differences, there are similarities to their own lifestyle and traditions. Jewish children can learn more about their own background in these surroundings music room

The central theme is 'passing on'. Passing on traditions is essential in every culture; generations learn from each other. In the Jewish tradition it is important to pass on Respect, which is the leitmotiv throughout the exhibition. Where Mokum is Home is playful and interactive. The framework is a house, a Jewish house. Each room contains persons and objects relating stories. Activities enable children to learn through experience. They get to bake matzos, write Hebrew letters and listen to music.

The exhibition is designed mainly for children from 5 to 14, although those of other ages are welcome as well. One of the exhibition's special features is that children and adults alike can share the experience of a visit. Adults without children also will find the exhibition entertaining and interesting.

Where Mokum is Home has won the Museum Price 2002 from the Prince Bernhard Culture Foundation.