Saving Superman with Max the Matzo

Imagine, you are cycling through Amsterdam when all of a sudden you see Max the Matzo and Superman walking along. Superman? With our Max? You must be dreaming! 
But no… It's because of the comic-strip exhibition Superheroes and Schlemiels. Not that Max is a schlemiel (klutz). Quite the contrary, he is the Hollander family's hero in the Children's Museum. But what a stroke of luck that his own superhero has come to stay with him! Max is so excited he can hardly sleep. And Superman is not his only guest. For the first time the Hollanders have a pet: a cat. And not just any cat, but the Rabbi's Cat. Is he a Jewish cat? It seems that he wants to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah... Yes really! He loves nothing more than to sit on the bookshelf in the study. 

Do you want to know more about Max the Matzo's guests? Have you ever finished off a comic strip by a real comics artist? Come to the museum. Max will take you on an exciting adventure through an exhibition full of superheroes and schlemiels. But the Hollander household is also swarming with comic-strip figures. Just take a look in the bookshelves in the study and in the studio where you can finish off the comic strip about Max and Superman.