Sarah Bernhardt  15 June until 16 September 2007

The Art of High Drama

Alphonse Mucha, La Samaritaine, 1897. Bibliothèque nationale de France © Mucha Trust 2007An exhibition about the first international super star. In the course of an astonishing career that spanned sixty years the 'divine Sarah' became the West's leading tragedienne. Her name became synonymous with acting and continued to cast a spell on players and audiences throughout the world long after her death in 1923. Bernhardt, born five years after the invention of photography, pioneered modern methods to publicise her image. She was the first stage actress to appear in films.

Over 150 spectacular and rarely displayed objects bring her life, fame and theatrical personality into focus, as well as the fashion, style and politics of the fin de siècle. Besides paintings, photos, clothes and Art Nouveau theatre posters, the show presents personal possessions, a recording of her voice and fragments of films in which she appeared.

Sarah Bernhardt: The Art of High Drama is based on an exhibition organized by The Jewish Museum, New York - thanks to a special collaboration with the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
Sarah Bernhardt