Jewish Flavour  21 December 2012 until 5 May 2013

A Worldwide Cuisine

From chicken soup to matzos and from Dutch kugel with pears to gefilte fish, Jewish dishes are eaten around the world. Interaction with different cultures has made Jewish cuisine incredibly diverse. From 21 December 2012 to 5 May 2013, the Jewish Historical Museum is pleased to present - as a first in the Netherlands - an exhibition on this topic. Museum visitors are invited to taste, discover and experience the Jewish kitchen first-hand.

Dietary laws and the Diaspora have always been determining factors in Jewish culinary culture. The guidelines raise questions: Why can't milk and meat be eaten together? What is involved in ritual slaughter exactly and why is it forbidden to cook on Saturdays? Visitors will find the answers to these questions and related topics, such as the Jewish origin of the Dutch-Zeeland bolus, the New York bagel and Surinamese pom.

The exhibition Jewish Flavour, A Worldwide Cuisine is a journey of discovery into Jewish cuisine, with food as a conveyer of history, tradition, celebration and rituals. Important dishes and ingredients will be discussed. A unique collection of hundreds of Jewish cookbooks from around the world has a prominent place in the exhibition. There are cooking utensils on display, perhaps not immediately recognizable to everyone, such as a Shabbat oven, a cholent pot, a kugel mould, a marrow remover and a Bug Checker. On specific days at designated times, kosher food will be available for visitors to taste. In addition, many of the foods in the exhibition can be found on the Museum Café menu in the months to come.

A programme of culinary events has been developed especially for Jewish Flavour. This includes a masterclass in making kugel with the well-known food critic Johannes van Dam and a kosher wine tasting in the Portuguese Synagogue. Also cooking workshops and cooking lessons for kids are scheduled and various "food films" will be shown.

For the occasion of this exhibition the JHM, together with publisher De Kookboekhandel, is releasing a collection of forty recipes about Dutch-Jewish cuisine with a foreword by the renowned cookbook writer Claudia Roden. She will also open the exhibition.