Afternoon films: The Dreamers and Lady of the Court  Sunday 6 October 2013 14.00 and 15.30

The DreamersIn connection with the exhibition Shtetl in the city: Antwerp through the lens of Dan Zollmann, the JHM will screen two films in which women on a razor's edge between hope and fear break free of the strict rules of their communities.

The Dreamers
 Israel, 2011 | Documentary, 58 min. | Director: Efrat Shalom Danon

Ruchama and Tivka, two Orthodox women, embark on a unique adventure together, fulfilling their long-cherished dream of making films. While living in a closed community, they struggle to find a balance between their deep-rooted devotion to the community and their fidelity to their artistic ambitions.

Lady of the Court
Israel, 2010 | Documentary, 56min. | Director: Amnon Binyamin

Rivka Paluch, the "Lady of the Court", an ultra-Orthodox woman from the Hasidic community and a former political journalist, was an adviser for religious affairs to the Sharon government and the driving force behind the inclusion of the Haredi parties in Sharon's coalition. The documentary follows this unique, tireless woman and her bold efforts to build bridges between her own closed community and the rest of the world, even as she raises seven children and searches for a suitable partner for her marriageable daughter.

The films are in Hebrew with English subtitles.