National Remembrance Day, 2013  Saturday 4 May 2013 19.30 uur

In the Hollandsche Schouwburg at 19.30

The Hollandsche Schouwburg was officially recognized as a historic building in 1962. A few years later, the residents of the Plantage-Weesper neighbourhood decided to organize an annual event there for National Remembrance Day, 4 May. The ceremony in the Hollandsche Schouwburg on 4 May is mainly intended for and organized by people who live nearby. For instance, the victims of Nazi terror will be commemorated by a guest speaker and by students at what is now the IVKO School, who will read poems. The school was located at Plantage Middenlaan 27 until 2011 and was once a teacher training school through which many Jewish children escaped the German-run crèche.

In view of the history of this site, the ceremony normally includes several Jewish elements, such as the Yizkor (Jewish memorial prayer) and the Kaddish. At 20.00, two minutes of silence will be observed, after which the ceremony will close with the Dutch national anthem.

Programme for 4 May 2013
Starting time: 19.30

Because the ceremony will take place on Shabbat, Yizkor and Kaddish will not be recited this year.