Food and taboos  Monday 18 March 2013 20.00

Talk by Louise Fresco (IN DUTCH)

In connection with the exhibition Jewish Flavour, Professor Louise O. Fresco will give a talk on the phenomenon of 'taboo foods'. These are foods avoided for religious or cultural reasons. Two obvious examples of food restrictions are Kashrut (Jewish dietary or kosher laws) and Islamic halal rules, but this type of taboo goes beyond religion. Now that the quest for sustainability is taking on almost religious proportions, new food taboos seem to be creeping into Western society.  

Foto Louise staand350 This evening event is included in the regular museum admission price. Because the exhibition areas will not be open during the event, those who attend can use their ticket to visit the museum and all the other sites in the Jewish Cultural Quarter another time.

Location: JHM Auditorium; sign up at the ticket desk.
Admission: Free with your ticket for the Jewish Cultural Quarter.
When: Monday 18 March, 20:00
To sign up: E-mail the events office or call +31 (0)20 531 0380.

Please note: The talk will be given in Dutch.