[DUTCH] Yesterday will never return & An army of carved stone  Sunday 2 June 2013 14.30

Two documentaries by Theo van Haren Noman

Een leger van gehouwen steenIn the almost forty-year career of Theo van Haren Noman
(b. 1917) as an independent maker of documentaries and other films, his work received many Dutch and international prizes.

His second independent film, Gisteren komt nooit weerom ('Yesterday will never return'; 1959), follows the adventures of a boy from Amsterdam's Jewish quarter in the years before it was demolished.

The documentary Een leger van gehouwen steen ('An army of carved stone'; 1957) focuses on Dutch war and resistance memorials, which collectively tell the history of the war - a story of repression, treason, transformation, and liberation.

This film screening is presented in connection with the exhibition Philip Mechanicus:Photographer.

Location: JHM Auditorium; sign up at the ticket desk.
Admission: Free with your ticket.
When: Sunday 2 June, 14:30
To sign up:E-mail evenementen@jhm.nl or call +31 (0)20 531 0380

Please note: this is a Dutch-language event