Using Audio-Visuals in Memory Studies of the Holocaust  Tuesday 3 December 2013 9.15 - 18.00

New Approaches in a Digital Era

220px Menasseh ben Israel 1642Memory is crucial for Jewish identity and Culture. Stories about the past do not just describe the self - they are the self's medium of being. They situate us in relation to our families, communities, and traditions, giving shape to our experiences, telling us where we came from and offering guideposts for the future. Immediately after the Shoah/Holocaust Jews have connected with the past by telling about it and by remembrance. But even more important has been to tell the world about what has happened to Jews, as memory can also be a warning. 

Those memories have been created in a specific context and are personal. This seminar explores the value of audiovisual and oral collections for the writing of history, while keeping in mind that memories cannot just be used, but, like any other source, must be analyzed and contextualized.

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