[DUTCH] Poetry by Tuvit Shlomi  Sunday 14 April 2013 14.30

Literary performance

In February of this year, Tuvit Shlomi published her collection Avond Malen. At the all-night eatery Avond Malen - a play on avondmaal ('supper') and malen, which can mean 'chew', 'grind', 'rave', 'grumble' or 'fret' - the way to the truth is through the stomach. During this unique performance, Shlomi will take you on a nocturnal journey to the self, wordless time and lost identity.

The virtual menu starts with an appetizer and soup, drawing you into a world filled with sounds and images, inner seas and deserts. The meat course that follows is served with burning desire - but what appeared to be tender love soon transforms into a tormenting mirage. This brings you the fourth course, as you wander in search of the flavour of your homeland. The evening ends with chilled drinks and chilling realizations. But will they bring light to this all-night restaurant?
Tuvit Shlomi
Location: JHM Auditorium; sign up at the ticket desk.
Admission: Free with your ticket for the Jewish Cultural Quarter.
When: Sunday 14 April at 14:30
To sign up: E-mail events or call +31 (0)20 531 0380.

Please note: this is a Dutch-language event