[DUTCH] That misery is a gold mine | Han de Vries and the art of living  Sunday 28 April 2013 14.30

Film screening with Han de Vries

This is a portrait of the oboist Han de Vries, who stopped performing about nine years ago and in recent years has devoted his energies to painting, in order to 'find out who I really am'. The documentary shows how over a period of three years he expanded his creative horizons, turning to visual art to grapple with the traumas he experienced as a child in wartime.
In That misery is a goldmine, we follow Han de Vries as he confronts the paradoxes of his existence and strives to discover his true identity. As a painter, Han de Vries shows the same dedication and exactitude he did as an oboist. In the course of the film, we learn about the dark corners of his personality; behind the epicure and famous musician is a man who grapples with the events that shaped him. Why did De Vries feel the need to discover himself, and to share his journey with the world?

That misery is a goldmine is a film by Hans Polak, produced by Bonanza Films. The film is a co-production of the Joodse Omroep (a Jewish public broadcasting company) and Stichting Beter Beeld, with financial support from the VSB Fonds and the CoBO Fonds.

Location: JHM Auditorium; sign up at the ticket desk.
Admission: Free with your ticket for the Jewish Cultural Quarter.
When: Sunday 28 April, 14:30
To sign up: E-mail events or call +31 (0)20 531 0380.