The Jewish community at Hellevoetsluis was part of the regional community (Ringsynagoge) of Brielle. The Hellevoetsluis community achieved independent status in 1830. At first, the Jews of Hellevoetsluis prayed in a synagogue in a private home.
In 1839, the community opened a public synagogue located on the Achterom. The Jews of Hellevoetsluis, together with those of Brielle and Heenvliet, buried their dead in the Jewish cemetery at Geervliet. A decline in community membership led the Jews of Hellevoetsluis to sell their synagogue in 1919.

Synagoge of Hellevoetsluis on a maquetteIn 1938 and 1939, a camp to absorb Jewish refugees from Germany was set up at Hellevoetsluis. The former synagogue was razed during the Second World War. The Hellevoetsluis community was administratively dissolved after the war and added to the jurisdiction of the Jewish community of Rotterdam.

Jewish population of Hellevoetsluis:   

1809 17
1840 74
1869 59
1899 34
1930 6


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