The Jews of 'S-Gravendeel/Puttershoek built a synagogue of their own in 1811. Nonetheless, they were not recognized as an independant local community or Bijkerk until 1867. Prior to then, they had officially belonged to the Jewish community at Oud-Beijerland.

The Jewish community of 'S-Gravendeel/Puttershoek maintained its own burial society but, after 1893, buried its dead in the Jewish cemetery in nearby Strijen. Despite the connection between the two locales, 'S-Gravendeel/Puttershoek was placed within the jurisdiction of the Jewish community at Dordrecht rather than that at Strijen, following the formal disbanding of the 'S-Gravendeel/Puttershoek community in 1920.

Jewish population of 's-Gravendeel/Puttershoek:

1809 41
1840 55
1869 39
1899 36
1930 3