The Jewish community at IJsselstein had a synagogue of its own, located in the Weidstraat, from 1766 until as late as the twentieth century. The community also had its own cemetery, the location of which is no longer known.

By the beginning of the nineteenth century, the number of Jews in IJsselstein had dropped to the point that synagogue services no longer could be held. With the reapportionment of Dutch Jewish communities in 1821, the IJsselstein community was merged into that of Utrecht. Several years later, the IJsselstein community regained its independent status.

During the nineteenth century, the Jews of IJsselstein worked as shopkeepers, vendors, tailors, and slaughterers. By the end of the century, the IJsselstein community went into final decline. The community was formally dissolved in 1918 and administratively merged into that of Utrecht. The synagogue was razed but exactly when is not documented.


A few Jews lived in nearby Montfoort from 1840 to 1930. Due to their limited numbers, they never formed a separate community.

Jewish population of IJsselstein and surroundings:

1809 59
1840 39
1869 41
1899 20
1930 11


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