Synagogue in Dalfsen, 1984 (WL)Jews resided in Dalfsen as early as 1760. By 1813, the population of Dalfsen included five Jewish families, four of which were poor. During the first half of the nineteenth century, religious services were held in the home of the head of the community, who also hosted a religious teacher for the village's Jewish children.

The Dalfsen community was declared independent in 1838. In 1866, the community dedicated its own synagogue, located on the Julianastraat. The Jews of Dalfsen also maintained their own cemetery.

In 1937, the Jewish community of Dalfsen was dissolved and merged into that of the city of Zwolle. The synagogue was sold. Over the years, the former synagogue served a number of functions. In 1982, a local initiative led to the restoration of the building, which was reopened in 1984 as a cultural center. Following a second restoration in 2003, the former synagogue was converted to a meeting and exposition center. Dalfsen's Jewish cemetery has been maintained by the local government since 1958.

Jewish population of Dalfsen:  

1809 29
1840 27
1869 35
1899 20
1930 4


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