Beginning in 1855, the Jews of Schijndel and neighboring Sint Oedenrode formed a single community. The combined community's synagogue and school were located in a house on the Hoofdstraat in Schijndel. In 1868, the community built a new synagogue behind the Hoofdstraat location. From 1872 until the 1890s, the Schijndel community functioned as an independent community separate from that Sint Oedenrode. In 1899, the Schijndel community lost its independent status and was merged into the Jewish community at Veghel.

In 1945, a memorial stone for the Jews of Schijndel and surroundings murdered during the Second World War was unveiled at the "Wijbosch" Jewish cemetery at Schijndel. The cemetery is maintained by the local authorities.

Jewish population in Schijndel:

1809 3
1840 12
1869 23


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