Invitation for the ball celebrating the consecration of the synagogueA surviving document from 1443 reports the theft of property from a Jew residing in Heusden. There are no further reports of the presence of Jews in Heusden until the eighteenth century.
By 1838, the Jews of Heusden comprised an independent community. At first, they held religious services in a private home. A synagogue was not consecrated until 1870. During the second half of the nineteenth century, the community maintained a Jewish school attended at any one time by roughly a dozen students.

The community buried its dead at a cemetery located in the settlement of Heesbeen, off the Grotestraat along the path below the dike alongside the Bergse Maas river. The Heusden community maintained its independence until 1927 when it was officially dissolved and administratively merged into the community of 's-Hertogenbosch.
The cemetery is currently cared for by the municipal authorities of Heusden.

Jewish population of Heusden (including the village of Veen):  

1809 34
1840 39
1869 64
1899 27
1930 2


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