A Jewish community arose at Grevenbicht early in the nineteenth century. At first, Jews residing in Grevenbicht prayed at the synagogue in nearby Sittard. The Jewish cemetery at Grevenbicht dates to 1803. It is located atop a former Roman cemetery mound near the Heilige Kruisstraat and is referred to locally as 'et Jodenbergje (The Jews' Hill).

In 1818, the Jewish community at Grevenbicht was designated as an independent Bijkerk or local community within the district of the Ringsynagoge or regional Jewish community at Sittard. In the same year, the Grevenbicht community built a synagogue of its own, located on the present-day Weidestraat. The Grevenbicht synagogue was restored in 1870 and again in 1886.

The Jewish community at Grevenbicht was dissolved in 1905. The former synagogue was renovated by its owners in 1966; no traces of its original function remain visible. The cemetery Het Jodenbergje is maintained by the Jewish community at Sittard. 

Jewish population of Grevenbricht:

1809 19
1840 13
1869 12
1899 9
1930 5


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