Jewish cemetery in VlagtweddeThe Jewish population of Vlagtwedde was recognized as comprising an independent community in 1895. Before then, the Jews of Vlagtwedde had belonged to the Jewish community at Bourtange together with the Jews of Wedde and Vrieschloo.

The Jews of Vlagtwedde utilized a rented room in the village as their synagogue but as early as the beginning of the 20th century held religious services only on Jewish holidays. The community board consisted of three members. Local Jewish children received their religious education from a teacher from Winschoten. In the 20th century the Jewish population declined to the point that, in 1923, the Jewish community at Vlagtwedde was merged back into the Bourtange community.

Jewish population of Vlagtwedde (including Bourtange, Ter Apel and Wedde):

1809 37
1840 61
1869 89
1899 145
1930 124


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