The Jewish community at Herwijnen enjoyed independent status for a short time prior to1821, when it was merged into the community of Zaltbommel. At the time, the Jews of Herwijnen prayed in a synagogue in a private home.
Fifty years later, the Herwijnen community was awarded independent status once again. Beginning in the same period, the community began to bury its dead in a separate section of the public cemetery on the Peperstraat. Six gravestones still stand at the site. At the end of the nineteenth century, the Jewish population of Herwijnen had declined to the point that, in 1920, the community was again merged into that of Zaltbommel. The cemetery on the Peperstraat is now maintained by the municipality of Lingewaal, of which Herwijnen forms part.

Jewish population of Herwijnen: 

1809 32
1840 29
1869 34
1899 18
1930 6


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