The Jewish community at Sleen was founded in approximately 1825. Prior to then, Jews living in Sleen had been members of the Jewish community at Coevorden. A Jewish cemetery, located on the Boterakkerweg, had existed in Sleen since late in the eighteenth century. A synagogue, located on the Straatweg, was opened in Sleen in 1859.

The Sleen community was dissolved in 1919 and merged into the Jewish community at Emmen. The Sleen synagogue had fallen to disrepair and was sold. The Jewish cemetery at Sleen is now maintained by the local authorities.

Several Jewish families resided in the nearby village of Zweelo from the beginning of the nineteenth century until the Second World War.

Jewish population of Sleen and surroundings:

1809 20
1840 40
1869 91
1899 59
1930 14


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