From as early as 1804 until 1887, the Jewish community of Borger was part of the Jewish community of Assen. The Borger community achieved independent status in 1888 but was again merged into the Assen community in 1925, largely due to its inability to meet its financial obligations.

Jewish cemetery Borger (photo Ans Houben-Van der Veen)The Borger community's cemetery, located on the Marslandenweg (more pictures), was officially inaugurated in 1865 but may have already been in use before then. The Borger synagogue, located on the Koesteeg, was consecrated in 1887. By 1915, the synagogue had fallen into disrepair and was sold. The building was razed in 1960.

In the nearby village of Drouwen, synagogue services were held in a private home from 1804-1846.

Jewish population of Borger and surroundings:

1809 36
1840 45
1869 92
1899 39
1930 41


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