The De Pinto House

Sint Antoniesbreestraat 69

The De Pinto HouseAt number 69 Sint Antoniebreestraat stands the De Pinto House, named after a wealthy Portuguese-Jewish family of merchants. In 1651 Isaac de Pinto bought the premises from Jan Janszoon Carel, one of the founders of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).
De Pinto's son David Emanuel de Pinto had the house radically rebuilt in 1686, creating the imposing classical front façade. The house remained in the family until the 19th century. After that it fell into disrepair.

At the beginning of the 1970s the building was threatened with demolition. The Department of Public Works had plans to put up office blocks and hotels in the neighbourhood and turn Sint Antoniebreestraat into a four-lane highway. However, the De Pinto Trust managed to save the house and in 1975 had it restored. Thus the historic line of the buildings on the street was preserved and on completion of the metro new dwellings went up around the De Pinto House. It is now a public library owned by the Amsterdam Monuments Trust. Inside is well worth a look - there are striking old-master paintings on the ceiling and an impressive antique chimneypiece.

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 [Joseph de Pinto]  
Wapenschild van Huis de Pinto met vijf liggende sikkels.
Collectie > Museumstukken > 07910

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 Prentbriefkaart  1915 (ca.)
Prentbriefkaart met ingekleurde foto van de Sint Antoniebreestraat
in Amsterdam gezien naar de Waag, circa 1915.
Collectie > Fotos > 40006764

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 Ontvangstbewijs  1880-06-30
Ontvangstbewijs en div. documenten mbt tentoonstelling over Huis van Oranje, 1880.
Collectie > Documenten > 00004964

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 [Binnenland] : 's-Gravenhage  1901
Verslag van de lezing die de heer M. Wolff heeft gehouden voor de "Vereniging voor
Joodse Letterkunde en Geschiedenis" over het onderwerp : "Iets uit de geschiedenis ...
Collectie > Joodse pers > 20048903

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 Tentoonstelling georganiseerd door de Portugees-Israelietische Gemeente ter gelegenheid...  1975
Tentoonstelling georganiseerd door de Portugees-Israelietische Gemeente ter gelegenheid
van het 300-jarig bestaan van de Portugese Synagoge in het Huis de Pinto ...
Collectie > Literatuur > 11500087

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