Bet Hamidrash Ets Haim

Rapenburgerstraat 109

Bet Hamidrash Ets HaimAt number 109 on Rapenburgerstraat in the former Jewish quarter stands the imposing building once home to Bet Hamidrash Ets Haim (Study House of the Tree of Life).

In 1740 the Ashkenazi community founded this 'school' for the study of Torah and other religious texts. Initially, the school was in the Dritt Shul on J.D. Meyer Square, but in 1883 it moved to Rapenburgerstraat, to a building designed in an eclectic style by the father & son team, architects Salm.

On the imposing front façade, the building's date of construction is written according to the Hebrew calendar: 5643 (CE 1883). When the building was opened, the Jewish newspaper Nieuw Israëlietisch Weekblad (NIW) wrote:
      The main auditorium, also functioning as synagogue, is a joy to behold. In particular, the Holy Ark has a majestic appearance. The brass gas-lit chandeliers are a veritable pièce de résistance…

The newspaper went on to praise the study room for rabbis, the study rooms for public use, the library and the assembly room. The building was bought in 1973 by the chair of the Amsterdam Jewish Community, who had it fundamentally renovated. Then in 1985 the newspaper NIW, the oldest weekly in the Netherlands dating back to 1865, moved onto the first floor.
In 2004 the NIW newspaper moved out, to an office in nearby Amstelveen 


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