SchwarzThe museum is regularly surprised by donations of objects and documents from members of the public. Sometimes these prove to be spectacular acquisitions, yet the more modest objects may also represent important acquisitions.
Private individuals and companies present objects from time to time in the form of long-term loans. Naturally the museum also purchases historical items and works of art. The Friends of the Jewish Historical Museum and BankGiro Loterij provide essential support.


The Jewish Historical Museum is eager to add new objects to the collection. If you have an object, document, photo or film that may be just what the museum is looking for, please contact us.
We will need your name and address and a description of the item. Preferably also a photo or photocopy.

Art, religious or historical objects? 
Jewish Historical Museum, Collection Department, PO Box 16737, 1001 RE Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 5310384
E Collection Management

Books, photos, film, documents, audio? 
Jewish Historical Museum, Resource Centre, PO Box 16737, 1001 RE Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 5310320
E Resource Centre